Random WWW Travels – Todays Theme “Looking”

Looking “Direct one’s gaze toward someone or something or in a specified direction.”

I think my kids still wonder how I was able to live without the internet.  Some days I wonder the same thing. This video was looking into the future of what computers would be able to do for us.  One person’s future eventually becomes another person’s reality.

This one hurt a bit because I remember the first record I ever bought.  It was “Keep On Singing” by Andrae Crouch.

When I first came across this video about a month ago it had under 40,000 views now it is up to 136,000.  It’s not one of those things you can actually describe you have to experience it for yourself.

Enjoy your day!!!

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2 Responses to Random WWW Travels – Todays Theme “Looking”

  1. magsx2 says:

    Great videos, but you just have to love the one about the LP. 🙂
    Thank You for visiting my blog.

    • Things do change. I remember about 10 years ago asking my daughter to get my Ghetto Blaster and she had no idea what I was asking for until my wife interpreted for me with; “He means the CD Player”:-)

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