Does Your Two Year Old Swear?

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It was a Monday morning and Armador had the day off.  His wife had left for work, his oldest daughter was at school and he was home with the 2 year old you who is training to be  a terrorist.  One of the traditions they have is to take a break and go to the place that elicits hard felt joy for every two-year old – McDonald’s Playplace.  So off they went, dad,  granny and the terrorist.

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They ordered their usual a couple of coffees, a muffin and an Egg McMuffin.  They settled in for the morning routine of dad and granny having a chat while Amy runs around as if she is off her meds.

As Amy was surveying the play area she turned to her Armador and said, “Daddy, there’s Mark.” and off she went.  It wasn’t to long before Mark or whatever his real name is came out and announced. “Mr. your daughter swore at me.”

Granny with a smile on her face said “What did he say?”  “He said, Amy swore at him.”  The smile quickly disappeared.  In as hushed a tone that someone hard of hearing can produce she asked, “What do you think she said?”

“Take your pick, she knows them all.” was the reply.

Any parent knows you can’t let a thing like this pass especially when other parents have heard the conversation.  So into the play area Armador went with Mark or whatever his name is on his tail following like a little puppy.

“Amy did you swear at the little boy?”

“No” came the response from those big brown eyes that you cannot look at directly, less you be drawn into their spell.

“Are you sure, because I know you know how?”


“What did you say?”

“I told him to shut up.”

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A sense of peace came over Armador followed by rejoicing because “shut up” is nothing compared to what could have come out of the mouth of this little babe.

“That is not something we say to people because its not nice.”

“Ok, daddy.”

Granny was waiting and was relieved to hear “Don’t worry this guy is just the ‘Word Police’.”

Back to the newspaper and coffee they went and then it happened again.

Out comes Mark, or whatever his real name is. “Your daughter swore at me.”

One man sitting next to Armador turned to him and said, “How would you like to be raising a tattle tale like that?”

They had a chuckle together and enjoyed the rest of their morning and went their separate ways.

The next Monday morning finds Armador, Granny and the terrorist are back at McDonald’s.   Who does Amy see as soon as she sits down?  Yes, it’s Mark or whatever his real name is. Armador watched in amazement and with bated breath as Amy got down from the table.  Walked to the play area, pulled open the door and yelled, “Hey Mark, SHUT UP!!”   Then she walked back to the table sat by granny and quietly ate her muffin.

Armador is asking for prayer:)


This incident happened a couple of weeks ago.  Just after I posted this story I received this text from Armador:

“Peter, we are here at Tim Horton’s.  Amy just said,  “Maybe I can tell Mark ‘shut up’ tomorrow.”

Please ask your friends to join you in prayer.

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4 Responses to Does Your Two Year Old Swear?

  1. xinme says:

    Can’t help wondering if you heard what MY youngest daughter said in SUNDAY school yesterday! Granted, she was asked to tell some of the things that bullies say — so she reported that sometimes they say “f****”. Nice. But she felt incredibly convicted for speaking the word aloud! It took her a long time to forgive herself for saying it even though all the adults expressed their forgiveness 😉 Just glad it wasn’t with the mircrophone in hand during the service! Can you imagine?!?!? (I know you can!)

  2. magsx2 says:

    You just have to love 2 year olds. 🙂
    “The word police” well said. 😀

  3. Bigdaddy says:

    Kids are awesome, they remind you just how careful we should be around them and how carefree we should be like them (with some filtering of course).
    I don’t think I’d change or regret anything that my kids will, would or have said in any action or situation; it’s all laughable in the future.
    I hope anyway.

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