Turning 50?????

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Today I am finishing up living as a Monk.  As part of my Spiritual Formation Course at Seminary we have been at Queen of the Apostles Renewal Centre since Wednesday evening.  I am thinking the experience will turn into a blog at some point in the future.  When my daughter was getting ready for school the other day, her question to me was, “Are you taking the laptop, when you go away?”  My answer was “No, just my Bible and paper”.  I think she was much happier with me going away then she thought she would be:)

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In light of all this I thought I would share a post from my friend Lynda MacGibbon.  She is a great writer and this article is lots of fun.  It is timely because I have had 4 friends turn 50 in the last 2  months and Lynda shares her perspective on this milestone?  I hope you like it.Taunted By A Number Everywhere I Look 

Do you know anyone about to turn 50?  Why not forward this post to them and put a smile on their face?

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3 Responses to Turning 50?????

  1. Thanks for the repost Peter!! And, I’m getting used to 50…sort of. 🙂 Hope your re-entry from monk-land is smooth and the entry into the second half of the century even better.

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