February 2012

Apparently, there are 120,000 weblogs started each day.  That is 1.4 blogs created every second of the day.  Last month after months of thinking and planning I became one of the 120,000 and I am still alive to tell about it.  Not only that, some people have actually read the blog, others have commented and get this 7 actually follow me:) (You can also follow me on Twitter – peterwalters64 if you so desire.)

Anyway, thanks for reading and following.  If you like what going on here please send a link to you friends because that’s the only way things grow.

Here are the blogs for February 2012 in case you missed any.


My Bucket List & The Vinyl Cafe

Random WWW Travels Theme “Looking”

First World Problems

Never Underestimate

Am I Ugly or Pretty?


How To Improve Your Listening Skills Part 1

How To Improve Your Listening Skills Part 2

Scripture In A Picture – Matthew 7:24-27

5 Minute Sermon – Jesus Talks About Himself

What Does It Mean To Be Relevant?

The Lighter Side

Monday Morning Encouragement

Picture of the Week – February 16

Picture of the Week – February 24

So You Want To Date My Teenage Daughter

Does Your Two Year Old Swear?



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2 Responses to February 2012

  1. magsx2 says:

    One of those followers would be me. 😀
    I don’t have a twitter or a facebook account, I am strictly a blogosphere girl. 🙂

    • Doesn’t it feel great to be 1 of 7? When this thing blows up and we get to 35 you will always have the distinction of saying, “I remember back in the day when I was 1 of 7”.:)
      Thanks for following me.

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