This Time Last Year I Was In Aruba

Last March my wife, Sarah, surprised me with a trip to Aruba with friends of ours.  Aruba is part of what is known as the ABC Islands.  It was the first time we went on vacation without our kids and they were not impressed.  This video from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” reminds me of their response.

Aruba is a great island and the temperature is between 88 – 92 Fahrenheit every day of the year.  There is no humidity and there is always a gentle wind blowing on shore.  The land is quite arid which surprised me and the only things native to the island are cactus and iguanas.  The people are friendly, the island is safe, public transportation is good and oh my the food at the resort.  Was it wrong that I would take long walks every day just to try to stay hungry?  So for today enjoy a couple of pictures from “One Happy Island”.

All comments about orange crocs will not be approved.

This picture was taken on the North Coast of the island which is very rugged and very beautiful but not as beautiful as my wife, Sarah.  This picture was taken near the Natural Bridge

The Archaeological Museum of Aruba

What a place to be able to do sermon prep!!!!!!!!

The only thing I have for shade in my backyard is grass that needs to be cut.

This picture was taken during our Island Tour it was on top of the Ayo Rock Formations

If you look hard you can pick me out in the background:)

Yes, this is a Cactus Fence

Ready for a very bad segue?  As our time in Aruba turned to dusk we carried the sun, sand and love of the island home with us. (Told you it was bad)

Where have you traveled that you wish you could visit again?

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3 Responses to This Time Last Year I Was In Aruba

  1. magsx2 says:

    What a gorgeous place, the photos are fantastic. It does look like a place to go for a dream holiday. I could only smile when I saw the pictures of the palm trees, and then all the cactus, they definitely don’t go together at all. 🙂

  2. Aruba says:

    I really like it when individuals get together and share
    ideas. Great website, stick with it!

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