How A Spiritual Retreat Is Like Getting A Massage

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My last post was entitled Impressions of My First Spiritual Retreat.  Before I went to the Retreat last week, my wife and I took a retreat of our own.  We ended up with a deal that included breakfast, a King Suite, that was almost as big as our first apartment, and a couples massage.

You are probably familiar with the routine.  We walked into the Spa and we were greeted with soft soothing  music, staff that would never speak excitedly and a Buddha on a shelf, looking down on us stressed “Westerners”, thrown in to give the place an Eastern feel.

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Once we were on the table the masseuse asked if there were any areas she would like me to work on.  My only complaint when it came to our wonderful room was that the pillow was too soft and I had a kink in my neck.  So she went to work and then as she was working on my shoulder-blade she found three knots.  Man, did she work hard to get those out.  She actually gave up on one because it was very stubborn.

Stop the presses!!!!  How does this relate to a Spiritual Retreat?

I am glad you asked.  It occurred to me that when it comes to God a massage is similar to a Spiritual Retreat.  Stay with me now.  In order to have a massage you have to slow down stay still and let someone else work on you.  In order for God to work on us we need to slow down enough to let Him do His work.

The masseuse asked if “I had any areas I would like her to work on.”  Well, sometimes we are very aware of the areas God needs to work on in our lives.  But while working on me she founds knots I did not know were there.  It’s interesting that when you spend quality time with God, He also finds things in our lives, knots if you will, that we were not aware of and He wants our permission to work them out.

I think sometimes we are afraid to get alone with God because we are well aware of things He will put His finger on and greatly afraid of what He might bring to the surface and ask us to deal with.

Let me encourage you once again to find some time alone and let God work on you.  He accepts us exactly the way we are but loves us to much to leave us there.

Here is a related post by Daren Sirbough that I read this week.

“Maintain your personal relationship with God at all costs.  Never allow anything to come between your soul and God, and welcome anyone or anything that leads you to know Him better.”  Oswald chambers

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
he restores my soul. (Psalm 23)

“The spiritual life is a life of interaction with a personal God and it is pure delusion to suppose that it can be carried on sloppily.” Dallas Willard

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2 Responses to How A Spiritual Retreat Is Like Getting A Massage

  1. magsx2 says:

    There is nothing like having a good massage, it can do wonders, and helps you relax as well. I always marvel at how there is an Eastern feel to a lot of these places, but I must admit they always look nice. 🙂

  2. Sean's Door says:

    Great descriptions, I was actually getting very relaxed, great cross over analogies.
    I’m more than happy to give God permission to work on me, but I know he’ll find so many knot’s, that it will be a life long process.
    All the best

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