My Most Recent Cellphone Nightmare

(Before I begin let me say that the phone company representatives we always professional and did try to help solve our problems.  Also although frustrated I did not “lose it” on anyone because I realize they are only doing their job and they themselves were not the source of my issues.)

We bought our daughter a new cell phone in October.  However, the particular phone she has, has been nothing but vexation since day one.  October is not that long ago yet she is on her third phone and even this one is giving her trouble.  Our provider, which shall remain nameless, sent her refurbished replacement phones but they needed refurbishing themselves.  Now she is in need of another phone.  Maybe, number four will be the charm.

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My wife, lead the charge and made the call.  During her time trying to get this issue resolved she was disconnected 3 times.  (I find it ironic, getting disconnected by the Phone Company) Finally, she was making headway but after being on the phone such a long time she had to leave to pick up our daughter.  The representative said, “No problem, when your husband calls back I will have everything recorded and the next person will be able to help him.”

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An hour later I called back and guess what?  Yes, you win the prize, they had no idea what I was talking about.  So I had to go through the whole explanation again.  Just like when you go to the hospital and explain your pain to the trios nurse, then the nurse who takes you into your cubicle and then finally the doctor who comes to see you.

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I don’t know how many people my wife spoke with but I spoke with four people.  I was happy though, because finally Jeff agreed to give Kenya a new phone, not one that was refurbished and he promised that if the same thing happened again any time after April (6 months into the contract) they would give her a different phone.

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I could see the finish line, the landing gear was down and we were about to touch the tarmac, the fat lady was about to sing  and then ————– the line went dead.  Sadness griped me like when the food runs out and you are still hungry.

I called back again and when the lady answered the first thing I said was, “Let me tell you what is going to happen.  I am going to tell you what I was promised, you are going to tell me that it is not possible and I am going to get passed around.” What do you think happened?


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I was on representative number 3 and they said we could have the phone but it would cost $35.   Once again I explained that Jeff said the phone would be free and they passed me on to a manager.



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The manager agreed to send us the phone for free but when it came to getting a different model if this one broke down he said that was not what I was told.  By this time they had worn me down, my fight was gone and I was just glad to get another phone.  It was to be delivered in the next couple of days.

Two days later we were away and the kids call to say the phone came by UPS and the cost was $142.  What? WHat? WHAt? WHAT? (Remember the disclaimer)  I spent another hour on the phone once again finally getting a manager who told me in all his time with this company this had never happened.  So he told me he would personally call UPS and find out what was going on and get back to me.  About half an hour later he called back to inform me that the package was indeed $142 but it was for something else I had ordered and in fact Kenya’s phone had not yet left the warehouse.  Can you say, “Egg on your face?”  I had to eat crow on that one.

A day or two after this, the UPS truck pulled up to our house with our new phone.  Kenya opened the package only to find the phone was the wrong colour.

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Another phone call and things were once again straightened.  That was over a week ago and the phone has still not arrived.  Did UPS go out of business? Do I wait? Do I call? Stay tuned for the “rest of the story”.



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I hesitate to ask this because we may take down the internet but do you have a phone nightmare you would like to share?

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3 Responses to My Most Recent Cellphone Nightmare

  1. magsx2 says:

    I really feel sorry for what you have gone through with the phone. Our phone company’s here are the same, but before you even get to talk to a person you have wasted nearly 10mins with a bot, until it finally puts you through to a person. Then it’s anybody’s guess how long and how many people you will have to go through.

    I just thought I would let you know that the same thing happens in other countries as well. 🙂
    I wish you luck getting everything sorted out.

  2. dean canning says:

    It must be a rogers phone… I have a rogers phone and the custoner service sucks… the biggiest mistake I have ever made was get a rogers phone… well, the second biggiest mistake…
    I got the phone last august… got a one year warranty… had many problems… two months ago I wanted it repaired, only to find out my year warranty expired one month after purchase… I then learned they sold me a used phone, one that was first purchases 11 months before I purchased my NEW phone, the warranty in somwone elses name…
    that’s rogers…. my advice to everyone, DO NOT GET A ROGERS PHONE!!!!!!

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