“I did not call her a jackass, what I said was…”

My name is Armador, and while I love Jesus the work of Sanctification (The process of being made holy resulting in a changed life-style for the believer) is much slower in my life than I would like.  I can understand the Apostle Paul when in Romans he says, “I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway.”  My problem is my mouth gets the best of me.  I work in the Hotel industry and sometimes when I receive less than proper treatment from customers I don’t “turn the other cheek” but instead give it right back to them.  Therefore, over the years I have been given extra time of work, if you know what I mean.  Not often, but it has happened.

Now one thing you will find out about me is that I am quite aware of my shortcomings and will admit when I have done wrong.  However, if you are going to tell the story at least tell it right.  For instance, one day I was in the HR Department looking at my file.  Which to tell the truth is a lot thicker than it should be for someone who loves Jesus:)  I took out a document and there was one of these times where the Apostle Paul and I agreed.  I got in trouble for calling a lady customer a “jackass”.  I looked at the HR Rep and said, “If I am going to be written up than at least get the story right.  Here is what really happened.”

We were having a very busy morning, customers coming and going.  One of those days where you are doing more things by rote than anything else.  A group had booked part of the hotel for a fundraiser which was adding to the amount of traffic we were dealing with that morning.

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We were all humming along when this lady pulls up in a nice Mercedes SUV, gets out explains she will be a couple of hours because of the Charity Event and gives me her keys.  As she walked into the hotel I looked  around for one of the guys to park her truck but everyone was busy so I decided to do it myself.  

That is where the trouble started. 

I get in, start the truck and head for the parking garage.  I roll down the window, get out my pass-key and wait for the “beep” and the doors to roll up. Have you ever felt guilty when you had nothing to do with a situation?  That’s how I felt when I tried to roll back up the window.  Every time I pressed the button I heard a muffled noise and that was it.

Ok, what I am going to do now?

I can’t leave it here unattended.

So I throw it in reverse and head back up to the front door.

I called to one of the guys to watch the truck for me as I headed into the hotel to find this charity lady.  When I found her I explained what happened and told her not to worry.   I have her truck at the front and will watch it until she finishes her event.   I did not expect what came next, within a split second she went from Miss Charity to Carrie.

“If you want to be playing with electric windows then you should buy a car that has some.  What is wrong with you?”   

I was thinking, “Lady what are you talking about this has nothing to do with me.”  So I gave her back her keys and starting walking to the front door.  I know how I get so I was trying to avoid the conflict but it didn’t work.

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She followed me to the concierge desk and cussed me.  This while a manager and two other people watched intently.

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She gave me a dressing down as if my shoes were dirty and my shirt was not tucked into my pants at a military inspection.  She called me this, she called me that, she called me things I had to look up on Google.”

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“I have never seen a jackass as big as you.” she said.

Then she said it again, “I have never seen a jackass as big as you.”

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My reply was a quite simple question.

“Does your house not have mirrors?”

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Please pray for more sanctification in my life:)  I not there yet.

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4 Responses to “I did not call her a jackass, what I said was…”

  1. magsx2 says:

    I just couldn’t help but laugh, I have to admit I love “Does your house have no mirrors” I myself have used this phrase as well, it comes in handy. 🙂

    I love all the photos that you found, all went perfectly with your post, well done.

  2. Sean says:

    On occasion I have stood up for a clerk or service worker when I have witnessed someone taking advantage of a situation where they try to belittle or demean that person, if it was unfounded I blast them and give it right back to them ( the aggressor).
    In most cases the person with the big mouth is a opportunity bully and would never talk to a person in this manor; after they’re shamed they either leave or simply shut their mouth.
    If I haven’t interjected I’ll speak to a manager and let them know their employee did not deserve the treatment from the aggressor, you know in business the customer is always right!!! Not Always sometimes the customers a jerk.
    Great job
    Hurray for Armador!!!!!!!!

  3. Greta says:

    Thank you for sharing Armador…

    I agree with Sean, there are some people who just look for an opportunity to bully another person. It is such a shame and can cause some people a lot of hurt and perhaps “damage” .. especially if the person being attacked has self esteem issues.

    Words can hurt and they can heal, and have more power then we credit them with. Your reply was excellent, logical and in an odd way respectful. Perhaps, without realizing it, you “honoured” this person’s EGO, which can have a positive effect on the aggressor if they can recognize the lesson. If they recognize the lesson, they are now aware that they maybe engaging in negative behaviour towards others. This is the first step towards healing.

    While her words hurt you, your’s may have begun the healing for her…. 🙂 “God works in mysterious ways”

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