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Time To Change The Lyrics

Ever wonder what would happen if Eric Clapton, The Who,  Garth Brooks and Tom Petty changed their lyrics to reflect getting older?  Tim Hawkins give us the answer. (via) Advertisements

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Introverts Unite

A friend of mine Carolyn wrote posted sign on her blog and it  got me thinking.  My personality leans more toward an extrovert but I have always found people on the more quiet side quite interesting. While there are many … Continue reading

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What about the White Family??

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From Roller Skates to Rollerman – The Evolution of Roller Sports

The year 1759 brought to us the first roller skates.  Joseph Merlin introduced his invention by roller-skating into a ballroom playing a violin. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to stop and crashed into a full-length mirror, breaking his violin. Since … Continue reading

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I’m Afraid Of Treadmills

In a recent post I talked about training for a Marathon,  actually it’s just a 5k but to me that is a marathon.   I am excited about raising money for Habitat For Humanity in June.  While I am not a fair … Continue reading

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Stephen Wiltshire draws Rome after 20 Minute Helicopter Ride

When he was very young Stephen Wiltshire was diagnosed with autism. He is also considered a savant.  He has also been called “the human camera” because of his ability to draw panoramic city views after a short helicopter ride.  Check … Continue reading

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Picture of the Week – April 20, 2012

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