You’ve Never Had A Plane Flight Like This One

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We all know the Airline Industry is risky business just ask Sky Service, Royal Airlines or Zoom Airlines.  Who? Exactly!!  For the past couple of days flights in Canada have been disrupted because of a mysterious sickness that has ravaged Air Canada pilots.  CTV News – Air Canada Pilots Call In Sick

Remember the days when there were smoking sections on planes?  What were we thinking?  I remember hearing stories about tea being served on china but those days are long gone. These days it seems you have to pay for everything, a pillow, earphones, you name it.  Soon they will be asking for a quarter for the washroom and making you pay for the movie which is usually not worth much anyway.

Some of you will remember Freddie Laker the founder a No Frill Airlines in the late 70’s.

(Image Credit)

 I think Freddie may have been the inspiration for this Carroll Burnett Skit.

Do you have a story to tell about a bad flight?  Please share it with us.

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