Are You Bored With God?

Is it possible to actually be bored with the God of the universe?  The definitive answer is…   I recently read a blog post that explored this subject which many of us are afraid to admit lest we be drummed out of the church.

“I told God recently that I was bored with him. Pretty gutsy of me, eh? I couldn’t believe my own audacity, and yet that was how I felt, and I figured I should at least be honest about my offensive feelings since God knows them anyhow. And I wondered, what would provoke me to tell the God of the universe that I was finding him uninteresting, ho hum, nothing to write home about? What brought me to this point? And did I really mean what I said?”  Read more….

What could cause this boredom? (the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest – dullness, doldrums, weariness.)  First let me ask you a question?  Have you ever had friends or family  visit from out-of-town or out of province and they  want to see you but also take in the sights?  For those coming here to Toronto they always want to see the CN Tower and Niagara Falls.  After you have been to these sites a number of times all you see is a very tall building and lots of water falling over a big cliff.  When we become familiar with someone or something we often miss the wonder that attracted us in the first place.

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“When your spiritual life becomes comfortable and without challenge it becomes a commodity and no longer a spiritual adventure.”  Henri Nouwen

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How do we move our spiritual lives back from a commodity to a spiritual adventure?  Before we look at a solution let’s consider the world of fitness for a moment.  To stop muscles from “being bored” some trainers use Muscle Confusion – the constant changing of workout routines so that your body never plateaus.

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Do you need some Spiritual Confusion?  Of course that is not the right term but you understand what I mean.  Do you need to change-up your Spiritual Routine?  To move back into a spiritual adventure with God let’s consider the reading of Scripture.  Maybe the (Image Credit) consistent reading of the Bible is what you need to launch you into a new adventure.  Like many ministers I have read the Bible almost every way possible, 90-Day Challenge, Historical, Chronological and Genesis to Revelation.

Lately, I have been using Professor Horner’s program of 10 chapters a day.  However, things were changed up on me when I enrolled took my last seminary course “Spiritual Formation”  as part of the course we had to do a devotional called Re-Connect.  Instead of reading chapters a day I was reading verses a day and having to spend time meditating on them.  The change was a breath of fresh air and moved me on in my spiritual adventure.

How about you?  What change can you make to get out of the rut you may find yourself in right now?

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3 Responses to Are You Bored With God?

  1. Pgillam says:

    Great, challenging post, Peter.

  2. Off The Cuff says:

    Hello Peter
    You have some great analogies, and your input advice is a very good one.
    Thinking on what change could fill the rut, and then acting on it. “Now” is key.

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