What Really Happens When You Mow Your Lawn

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Did you mow your lawn this weekend?  When I was a kid it took me a couple of hours to mow the lawn each week because of the shape and number of hills I had to battle.  Although as a kid I was allergic to grass, the smell of a fresh-cut lawn was a summer indulgence I enjoyed.   Now I have learned that  the fresh-cut smell is actually the lawn fighting back after being attacked and that mowing the lawn is bad for the ozone but not because of engines fumes.  Read more here.

What to do what to do what to do?????  Here are a couple of options to consider.

1) You could stop mowing your lawn.

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2) You could stop having a lawn

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To be more environmentally sound you have a couple of options.

1) You could use a Scythe

2) You could use sheep

Here are 10 Ways Not To Mow Your Lawn

Whatever you decide after reading the above article please be careful!!!!

Enjoy your day and please pass this along to everyone you know with a lawn mower.  If we don’t stand up for the grass who will?????


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3 Responses to What Really Happens When You Mow Your Lawn

  1. magsx2 says:

    A great post. I love the photo of the guy mowing the lawn by bicycle that is unreal.
    These videos are hilarious, but that last one, I just burst out laughing, I know it could of been serious, but I just couldn’t help it. 😀
    I think hubby will continue to mow the lawn with our standard mower. 🙂

  2. Off The Cuff says:

    Hello Peter
    I love the bike mower picture, and that mower that took off was a beauty.
    Interesting about the ozone, between the cut grass and cow pattys it’s a wonder there’s any ozone left.

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