File This Under “Unbeliveable” – 33 Years Old with 30 Children

Every once in a while you come across a story that makes you gasp, choke on your food, shake your head and read it again just to make sure you were right the first time.  This is one of those stories.  Imagine making $7.25 an hour and having the government take half your wage about $600 a month before taxes and have that distributed to your 30 children from ages 14 to a couple of months!!!  Yes you heard that right 30 kids.

You can read more on the story here

First, I thought what’s wrong with this guy to be so irresponsible?  Then I thought did he ever think about having an operation?   Then I thought what kind of example did he have for a dad?  However, we all are responsible for our actions.

Second, I thought what’s wrong with these women to keep letting this serial baby maker back into their lives.

Finally, I thought did this dad or any of the 11 moms ever consider the children? This story breaks my heart because it’s the kids who will suffer.

I think far to many parents underestimate the example they are setting for their kids.

Remember your kids are watching let’s set good examples for them today.

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3 Responses to File This Under “Unbeliveable” – 33 Years Old with 30 Children

  1. magsx2 says:

    That is just beyond words, I too feel very sorry for all of these children, and I would guess that Dad doesn’t see these kids, there is no way you would even have time for 30 kids. There was no need at all for this to happen, nobody it seems gave a thought about the children.

  2. Off The Cuff says:

    Hello Peter
    Great post
    This blog’s homerun is the second video, it hits you right between the eyes and touches your heart. This is such a relevant video for not only the guy with the 30 kids but all dad’s!
    Well done great lesson.

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