What You Don’t Know About Fast Food Will Hurt You!!!

One of the jobs that many people have on their resume is working at a Fast Food Restaurant.  My Fast Food experience lasted 6 weeks because getting home at midnight during the school week did not help my academic adventures if you know what I mean.

To be honest I do like Fast Food but only on a semi-regular basis.  When we travel on vacation and spend a day eating fast food on the road all I want is to get a salad and sit in the corner by myself and enjoy.

With such a mobile society Fast Food is a fact of life but let’s be aware of what we are actually doing to ourselves.  I have heard the following before but this is the first time I have ever seen stats on how the portions of food have increased over the years.

For more information about how Fast Food sizes have changed and to take a quiz click here

How do they convince us to desire food that we know is not good for us? They give the job to advertisers.

Here’s more on advertising vs reality in the Fast Food World.

As I was working on this post I came across something you may have been aware of but I had no idea that it once existed the never popular Mcspaghetti.  Yes, you read that right!!

Here are 6 more Fast Food products that I am sure we are glad that are not around.

Here’s a quote for you, “I always thought it was good for you.  I never thought there as anything wrong with it.” This from a man suing  the fast food industry.

You are responsible for what comes out of your mouth and you are responsible for what goes in your mouth.  Eat responsibly!!!!

Pictures 1, 2,

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2 Responses to What You Don’t Know About Fast Food Will Hurt You!!!

  1. Shawn says:

    I agree… garbage in = garbage out!

  2. Off The Cuff says:

    Hello Peter
    I must say I am some-what of a specialist in this topic, I’ve pretty much chowed down in every fast food chain in North America, you can see the proof. You are correct, this stuff is lethal (but quick). I sure feel guilty after reading your blog, we had Wendy’s chilli and baked potatoes for dinner.
    Well, tomorrows a new day.

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