The Ugly, The Funny and The Cute of Ventriloquistism












Ventriloquism has been around for a long time and it’s early beginning actually had to do with speaking to the dead.  Modern day ventriloquism began in the 1800’s and with pictures like the following you have to wonder how this form of entertainment became popular.  Or maybe it was used as a form of discipline, “If you’re not good we are going to see the ventriloquist!!!!”








I fail to see how watching this guy would be considered a good night out but then again what do I know:)

When it comes to ventriloquism one of the greatest was Arthur Worsley who was a favourite of Ed Sullivan.  He had an amazing talent.

Part of the progression of any art form is improving on what has already been done.  I like the twist Nina Conti adds to her act.

Finally, you always need to be watching for up and coming talent like Alana from my friend Sean at Mr. Laughing For Me

Enjoy your day!!

Pictures – 1, 2,

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2 Responses to The Ugly, The Funny and The Cute of Ventriloquistism

  1. magsx2 says:

    Great videos, you just have to love the little girl in the last one. 🙂
    I just loved your cartoon at the beginning.

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