The “Unbelieveable” File – Husband Dies While Cheating – Wife Makes $3,000,000

Creativity “refers to the invention or origination of any new thing” and when it comes to what people will sue about sometimes the creativity will make you roll your eyes and want to take justice into your own hands at the stupid cases people log jam our court systems with.

I know a man who does line painting and sealing for a living.  He was once sued because a lady claimed that she tripped over one of his painted lines in a parking lot!!!!  Can you imagine?  If I was the judge I would send her to jail for wasting my time.



There are websites like Faces of Lawsuit Abuse and Dumb Lawsuits where you can read about the nonsense that people come up with.





For me here is one lawsuit that has to be filed under “Unbelievable”.  A man goes to the doctor with sharp pain shooting up his arm.  The doctor schedules a test for the next week.  The day before the test the man cheats on his wife, with another man and another woman and the romping leads to a heart attack.  The wife wins $3,000,000 because they say the doctor did not warm him about undue physical activity!!  Need more read here.

Of course the case is going to be appealed but my thought with this and many other cases is- WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY??????

Call me old fashioned but the trouble we create in our lives is not always the fault of someone else.

Enjoy your day.

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One Response to The “Unbelieveable” File – Husband Dies While Cheating – Wife Makes $3,000,000

  1. magsx2 says:

    Just amazing. I too wonder what happened to people taking responsibility for their own actions, I think all of this is getting way out of hand to the point of ridiculous.

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