Why Is The 4th Finger Is The Ring Finger?

The longer you are in ministry the more weddings you will be asked to perform.  Every minister has a catalog of “wedding stories” some of which I will share as time goes by.  One of the challenges for anyone who performs the same task over and over is to stay fresh.  So here is a little video about why the ring finger is the 4th finger that you might like to add to your wedding ceremonies for the upcoming season.

What I would add to this video is that if one or both of the middle fingers is raised than the ring fingers can separate.  Therefore, the best marriages are the ones where couples bury themselves and don’t self selfishness rise.

P.S.  I did an outdoor wedding last summer where I gave the groom two choices.  “You may kiss the bride or update your Facebook status.”  He made he right decision and kissed the bride.  Then from the back comes the loud voice of a senior citizen for all to hear.  “What’s Facebook?”  It broke the place up:)

Do you have a story of a wedding you officiated or of a wedding you attended that you would like to tell us about?

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