A Plea On Behalf Of Your Child. Just Let Me Be A Kid!!!!

We live on a street with a huge population of people under 4 feet tall.  As soon as you pull onto our road you need to slow down and watch for the kids who are riding bikes, trying to put the basketball in a net to high for them and playing street hockey.  It’s great.

However, I fear for this generation of children because in many ways they are forced to grow up so fast.  I know parents whose 6 year old was in a private school doing 10 page papers.  You have Helicopter Parents who have their children so programmed they don’t get a minutes rest.  Have you ever thought about the long term effect of never having down time in your life?  The term “burnout” comes to mind.

Then there is the school that planned to ban all but nerf balls on the school playground.

Then there is the school that planned to ban all hugging!!!!

When will the madness end!!!!

I understand safety is a huge issue these days and we all want the best for our kids but here’s the reality we live in.

The conversation in the car driving between baseball practice and piano lessons has replaced the conversation that use to happen around the dinner table.

Do you think this is progress???????

From my vantage point of having older teens my suggestion would be to take a hard look at all the activities you have your kids in and only have them in one major activity at a time.  It’s ok if they can’t do it all.  Somehow my generation survived without all the so called “benefits” parents are giving their kids today and we turned out for the most part fine:)

This summer take your kids to the park and let them play in the sand.  Then go get some fast food and let them eat it without washing their hands:) (This will help fight off infection because the experts say our obsession with being clean is hurting us.)  Then actually have a day where you have no plans and just let the day happen to you.  You may be surprised as to how liberating this may be:)

Just let you kid be a kid.

Remember: You are raising children not mini adults!!

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    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with
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