Which Olympic Athlete Are You Most Like? Here’s the answer.

I love the drama of the Olympics and this time around has not disappointed.  I always feel bad for those who have spent the 20,000 hours of training to get the Olympics and then have a bad day and lose.  Somehow it just doesn’t seem fair.

If you are like me 40,000 hours would not be enough to make me Olympic material.  However, with the wonders of modern technology you can find out which one of the over 10,000 athletes from 205 countries is most like you. Find yours here

My match is Chieh Min Fang a Badminton player from China.  So glad they didn’t match me with a woman weightlifter:)

Enjoy your discovery!!

Some of my favourite Olympic Moments include:

Watching Daley Thompson

Greg Joy’s Silver Medal in Montreal in 1976 (We were one of the few countries ever to host an Olympics not to win a Gold medal.  Since then we have made that right in Calgary and Vancouver)

The Redemption of the 1996 Men’s 4×100 Relay

P.S. When you find out who you are like let me know:)


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2 Responses to Which Olympic Athlete Are You Most Like? Here’s the answer.

  1. Bel says:

    I am like David Webb. Not sure as a woman how I feel about being told I’m most like a man LOL
    I am proud of our athletes and just as proud of the winners of bronze medals as I am the winners of gold. For all those that look down on bronze medals you need to remember how many people don’t even make the Olympics and of those that do being ranked 3rd out of all the athletes competing from the different countries is still an amazing thing.
    I’m also proud of Jamaica’s medals as well. For a small island country it’s doing well. Can you tell I’m Jamaican? LOL

    • Bel,

      I think you are right winning a bronze in an Olympics is a incredible feat. I would love to win a bronze but then again first I would have to qualify for the team and we all know that ain’t happening:)

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