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The Unbelievable File “Conference For White Christians Only”

Church conferences are a dime a dozen but conferences for “white Christians” only which includes a cross burning thankfully are not the norm.  I guess this pastor missed the following verse from Revelation. After this, I saw a large crowd … Continue reading

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Picture of the Week – This Is Why Preaching Is So Hard:)

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3 Steps To Re-Invent Your Preaching

In the sister post to this article we spoke about why we should re-invent our preaching    today I want to be practical as to how to accomplish this task. When we talk about re-inventing our preaching I am not talking … Continue reading

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Why Should I Re-Invent My Preaching?

When I am on vacation I do something most pastor’s do not do, I actually go to church.  I love going to church on vacation for two reasons; first I get to enjoy the worship and the message without having … Continue reading

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The New F Word In Our Church Is…

I have no introduction for this video I will just let it speak for itself, and speak it does:) “There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.” – Josh Billings “Making a choice to continue in unforgiveness shows that we … Continue reading

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