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The Unbelievable File – Pat Robertson Blames ‘Awful-Looking’ Women For Marital Problems

No comment on this one just an expression of unbelief on my face as I shake my head.   Related Article: Try The Better Marriage Blanket & Get The Stink Out Of The Bedroom Advertisements

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The Unbelievealbe File – “Man Sues Wife For Having Ugly Baby”

Here is the summary of the story. Man marries woman Couple has a baby Man sues wife because baby is ugly Oh, yes wife had major cosmetic surgery before they were married Does he deserve the money? And now the … Continue reading

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Why Is The 4th Finger Is The Ring Finger?

The longer you are in ministry the more weddings you will be asked to perform.  Every minister has a catalog of “wedding stories” some of which I will share as time goes by.  One of the challenges for anyone who … Continue reading

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